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MARCH 2, 2018 | 18:00h

Raising money for Music Action International


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Introducing the speakers!


el chojin
Rapper/motivational speaker

El Chojin is a Madrid-based rapper, composer, and motivational speaker. He has had a prolific recording career, particularly in the 2000s when he released seven albums. In 2009, he broke the Guinness World Record for most syllables rapped in a minute with 852 syllables in 42.2 seconds with a total of 921 syllables in 1 minute, unseating Rebel XD as the fastest rapper in the world. His musical style is distinguished by lightning quick rhymes packed with social commentary on issues such as gender violence and immigration. He is also an actor and a writer, known for Ritmo Urbano (2011), El fin de la comedia (2014) and many more.


erin corine

Erin "Marisol" Corine is an arranger, multi-genre flutist, bilingual singer and natural music teacher from Chicago, IL. She is a graduate of the prestigious University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, as well as Berklee-Valencia, where she earned a Master's in Contemporary Studio Performance in 2013.  After graduation, Erin moved to Madrid, where she currently resides as a full-time performing artist and music teacher. She is the founder and creative director of El Salón del Artista, a communal living room, turned studio. Her musical styles take influences from classical and contemporary jazz, blues and soul. 


Devonte roach
recording artist

Devonte is a musician, producer, and entrepreneur originally from Cincinnati, USA. He has been a musician from the age of 11. In college, he studied biology to follow in the footsteps of his parents in the medical profession but soon realized music was his true passion and transferred to Berklee to pursue his dream. Devonte graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2015 and later went on to earn his Masters in Global Entertainment & Music Business at Berklee-Valencia in 2017. He currently lives in Madrid and is working as a recording artist.


Make A Donation

Music Action International is a non-profit organization, based in Manchester, UK. We chose Music Action International as the recipient of our event proceeds because of their unwavering dedication to help refugees of war-torn countries begin to rebuild their lives. According to the UNHCR, there were over 110,000 refugees reported in the UK in mid-2015 and more than 39,000 cases of refugees pending asylum. Many of these refugees were victims of brutal torture and captivity, barely escaping the life-threatening situations they were enveloped in. Music Action International uses the power of music to reactivate hope to its participants, many of whom are refugee children. To learn more about Music Action International, click here. 



Register to attend the seminar before February 28, 2018 and you will be automatically entered into a drawing to win some really cool prizes. Don't forget about the after party! Registration of the event, includes admission into the concert at Veles e Vents near the beautiful beach! 

Music Action International Presents: Stone Flowers

Stone Flowers

Stone Flowers is musical group, comprised of torture survivors and participants of Music Action International. Part of Stone Flowers' mission is to support traumatized refugees and asylum-seeking torture survivors through a series of therapeutic music sessions. Sessions led by the group have helped other survivors begin to open up by encouraging participants to write their own original songs that share themes of resilience, hope, and peace. 

Members of Stone Flowers have fled war and conflict from several countries, including: Egypt, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Syria, Afghanistan and Iran, to name a few. Since 2011, they have worked with over 200 survivors and released 2 studio albums, which are available for purchase or download. They have been recognized by BBC and other notable organizations throughout the UK. 


Special Thanks to all of our sponsors and partners for this event!